October 2, 2010 2:24 pm

Funny Games

Funny Games

Director: Michael Haneke
Writers: Michael Haneke
Release Year: 2007
Genre: Drama | Horror | Thriller

Director Michael Haneke’s provocative and brutal thriller is about a family’s vacationing that goes totally wrong. Things start go weird with an unanticipated visit from two deeply disturbed young men. Over one long night their peaceful holiday turns terrifying as they are subjected to unthinkable terrors and fight to stay alive.

Albert’s Review: “Weird and Sick movie, if they had a bigger budget it could have been one of the best thriller horror movies produced lately.”
Rating: (6.5/10)

Nadia’s Review: “A bit of a psychopathic movie, but at times I found it a bit boring.”
Rating: (5.5/10)