April 27, 2011 7:57 pm

Chicago Rot

Chicago filmmaker and musician Brant McCrea releases the teaser for his acting debut, Chicago Rot.

The indie thriller is chock full of supernatural shock and gore, and is being shot this spring and summer in the Windy City. Featuring the musical talents of Preston Graves of Cupcakes, Local H, and many other notable local rock acts, Chicago Rot also showcases infamous characters of Chicago’s most macabre subcultures, including Ken Melvoin Berg of Weird Chicago Tours and JoJo Baby, famous doll maker and nightclub celebrity.

Part revenge saga and part love story, this independent feature explores the concepts of justice and the duality of good and evil amidst the underbelly of the notorious city.

Now at the tail end of the pre-production phase, Chicago Rot is set to shoot this summer in Chicago. The bloody teaser can be viewed on Kickstarter, a development platform for independent artists.

Those who wish to donate to the film’s production can do so easily on the Kickstarter website, and may choose numerous backer rewards including the opportunity to meet the cast and crew, and even be “killed” in the film.

Chicago Rot stars Brant McCrea and Shira Barber, and was written by Brant McCrea and Dorian Weinzimmer. Dorian Weinzimmer directs the film, with cinematography by Ryan Berena and massive special effects by Kristin LeClair and Crystal Portillo of Cirque du Face FX.

It’s produced by Dakini Productions in association with Jeremy Vranich of Painted Face, assisted by Jake Richards. Sound design is by Sam Fell.

The crew consists of graduates and scholars from Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago.


After years of rotting in Joliet, Les, a wrongfully imprisoned street legend known as “The Ghoul,” is released into a mad search through Chicago’s back alleys for the man who slaughtered his mother and robbed him of his soul.  Aided by supernatural benefactors, he must delve beneath the city into a modern labyrinth of gutters whose tendrils have grown deep while he was gone. What unfolds is a desperate tale of brute force tragedy set in the supernatural underworld of Chicago, where heroes are reduced to horror-shows, villains dream of their own demise, and good and evil prove to be antiquated concepts.

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