May 25, 2011 6:04 am
Once It Started

Once It Started

These fun and frantic short films—comedy, animation, music videos—tell the twisted tales of terrified souls trapped inside the machine. One of these little old ladies is not like the other, but she’s settling mong the group. This ordinary office is not what it seems, but you may end up working here. A disturbing chaos is sweeping these average American high school scenes, but there’s no time to transfer out. And once we have gone into the future, we may never come back whole. But patch up that shabby space suit, dust off that bloody prom dress, and batten down the hatches: it’s gonna be a spectacular show when this ship goes down.


On the Roof of Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place (between Dekalb and Fulton), Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY 11217
G to Fulton, C to Lafayette, 2,3,4,5 to Nevins or B,M,Q, R to Dekalb

8:00 PM Doors Open

8:30 PM Live Music by Ela Orleans

9:00 PM Films Begin

11:00PM After Party at No. 7 Restaurant (7 Greene Avenue at Fulton Street), sponsored by Radeberger Pilsner.

Tickets and more information at:

The Films:

TWINSET(Amy Rose | Scotland | 12 min.)

Tea, cake and stilettos; old ladies in an Essex church welcome a towering transvestite as one of their own, but family life proves a little more difficult.

JPBF (Stephen Collins | USA | 7 min.)

It may look like an ordinary office, and it may seem like an ordinary job, but you’d be surprised what they do at JPBF Inc.

ONCE IT STARTED IT COULD NOT END OTHERWISE (Kelly Sears | Houston, Texas | 7 min.)

Part disaster film, part Freudian animation, Once It Started… bears witness to a series of absurd and horrible disasters that strike an American high school, eerily mirroring larger political and social markers of the recent past. Supported by the Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund.

PROM NIGHT (Celia Rowlson Hall and Jae Song | Brooklyn, NY | 8 min.)

Prom night is ritual, disco balls, expectation, corsages, dresses, holding, sweating, status, entering in twos, balloons, school gyms, dancing slow and fast.

WE USED TO CALL PEOPLE LATE AT NIGHT (Eran Hilleli, Anna Shevchenk and Yoav Brill | Israel | 2 min.)

A melancholy animation about prank calls gone awry in the lonely anonymous night.

EVASION (Speedy Graphito | France | 5 min.)

A child-like purple ninja is chased by spirits, snakes and gear-creatures in a shifting Candyland fantasy world—but maybe it was all on screen.

PROTOPARTICULAS (Chema Garcia Ibarra | Spain | 8 min.)

The experiment was (almost) a success: protomatter exists! But…

OUT OF NOWHERE (Will Lamborn | Los Angeles, CA | 19 min.)

In this neo-noir western thriller, Peter may outrun his killer, over and over and over, but can he escape from nowhere?

WOUNDED MAN (Zachary Volker | New York, NY | 6 min.)

“(Indecipherable.) (Indecipherable.) Check his left pocket.” Two career criminals debate the merits of letting an associate bleed to death in a motel bathroom.

MODERN SPLEEN (Lisa Lugrin and Clément Xavier | France | 7 min.)

Another man, another bathroom, another epic, hairy battle. Courtesy of Autour De Minuit.

LIARS: SCISSOR (Andy Bruntel | TK | 4 min.)

Adrift at sea in this Liars music video, a man finds land . . . and can’t get rid of it.

BURNING WIGS OF SEDITION (Anna Fitch and Simon Cheffins | San Francisco, California | 8 min.)

A post-moral tale of self-obsession, finery and the ephemeral nature of oppression, set in the steamy belly of a creaking ancient galleon. When the libertines crack the whip and the slaves revolt, this high seas dispute can only be resolved by a dance off, set to the tunes of the Extra Action Marching Band. &