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An estranged couple on a weekend retreat are pushed further apart when the wife, Becca, becomes romantically fascinated with the journal of the cabin’s long-dead former owner. When the ghost of the old owner appears and reciprocates Becca’s feelings, the web of betrayals and untruths between Becca and her husband begins to unravel.

Director’s Vision:

“Truth’ is a chance to experience true human Horror. As a creative team of filmmakers, writers, and everyday people, we have gone to great lengths to decipher the complexities of Horror and the Terrors within ourselves. These horrors do not fall into the realm of violence or gore. ‘Truth’ will not be littered with the stereotypes of modern Horror; it is not a slasher film, nor is it a zombie or a monster flick. ‘Truth’ will be a benchmark in modern horror, it’s a re-ignition of a fading medium, like Hitchcock, Polanski, or Kubrick; it’s a look into the darkest parts of human beings.”

J.S Johnson, Vancouver May 2010

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