April 22, 2012 4:41 pm
Jaws Festival 2012

Jaws Festival 2012

We’re excited to announce JAWSFEST: The Tribute, taking place August 9-12 on Martha’s Vineyard. This fan-centric event includes presentations by original cast and crew members, a museum-style exhibit of JAWS memorabilia, a shark conservation exhibit, and a tribute to Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, and Peter Benchley followed by a screening of JAWS on a big screen in Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs.

As JAWS fans know, the film was shot entirely on Martha’s Vineyard in the spring/summer of 1974. It was Steven Speilberg’s second film. It is a cult classic for many reasons, including John Williams’ music, Verna Fields’ editing, and the fact that the mechanical sharks brought from Hollywood malfunctioned during production on the first two film acts.

Confirmed VIP attendeesinclude Joe Alves (production director), Carl Gottlieb (screenwriter), Lee Fierro (Mrs. Kintner) and Susan Backlinie (Chrissie), and the families of Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, and Peter Benchley. More VIP attendees will be announced in the coming months.

There is a also substantial shark conservation component to the event. The JAWSFEST team is working with Wendy Benchley, the Shark Savers organization, Discovery Channel, Featherstone Center for the Arts, shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal, and others to develop presentations, artwork, and exhibits to educate and inform the public about shark and raise funds for shark conservation.

More information is available at www.jawstribute.com