September 10, 2013 3:11 pm

Haven't movieJudith is an apparently normal girl that one day after waking from a nightmare, discovers that she has been stuck at home. Completely cut out and isolated from the world, will revive the nightmare to test her sanity.

What is ‘Heaven’t’?

As project Heaven’t is a series of five short films. Within the plot, Heaven’t is a creature of dual nature and can be in anthropomorphic appearance and in turn have a spatial dimension.

Heaven’t Concept

This concept is not new, Heaven’t draws on the imagery of some of the classics of fantasy and science fiction of the Cthulhu Mythos rescues the idea of ​​powerful creatures also subject to certain rules and infinitely superior beings and feeds the cult that is generated around these figures.

Haven't movie

Haven’t movie

The idea of ​​an identifiable creature, anthropomorphic, refined manners and vocabulary with the picks of literary Dracula, a mirror that distorts the soul and discover the absurdity wherever it is installed. We also find some parallels with Sauron from Lord of the Rings, such as the duality location/character identification through the eye, and the fact that originally was to be subjected to more powerful creatures powers than him.

All this set of characteristics define the mythological figure of Hades, as the highest dual, manifested as a god, in the same category and blood Zeus, and as abode of the dead or underworld.

Around Heaven’t, complexity stands an entire mythological universe, which takes its starting point the recent studies in theoretical physics on the theory M 11 dimensions that need to explain our reality than 4 dimensions, then, if we start from assumption that only perceive these four dimensions, we subtract Haven't movieseven unknown to house the creatures of our history, that’s where Judith spoofing occurs, star of the first chapter, by his doppelgänger, and when you can watch together all the series, this episode may be interpreted as an exchange paranormal dimensional by a creature that lives in the other side of the mirror, those 7 unknown dimensions.

At this point it is no coincidence that the composition of this first short is halfway between ritual of Lovecraft and the Einstein – Rosen bridge Kubrick. And as expected, to talk of parallel dimensional travel and raise a silent film escaped the technical possibilities of the computer, hence the use of staging as if it were a gothic tale “to” E. A. Poe left hidden elements throughout the film in order to give depth to the chapter where it can be seen together, as many of the items that appear around the character have a reason, besides its purely aesthetic function.

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