September 12, 2013 7:57 am

Halloween moviesHalloween….It is a must to start preparing for Halloween especially all those that love horror movies. Which are the best ways to host a modern Halloween Movie Marathon?

In the past this needed aiming to your native video rental store or have a pleasant video library, however with recent developments of technology you do not need to leave the comforts of home to possess a large choice of flicks on your TV.

1. Cable/Satellite TV On Demand

Your cable or satellite provider’s offerings should be your first stop. If you have access to video on demand then you should have access to a wide variety of Halloween spirited films. For example, available from Comcast on the FearNet channel I would recommend the following movies.

Your cable or satellite provider’s offerings ought to be your 1st stop. If you have access to video on demand then you must have access to lots of Halloween films. Examples are: Comcast on the FearNet channel. The below are some recommended horror movies ideal for Halloween:

The Midnight Meat Train
Soul Survivors
Christmas Evil – Yes, it is never too early to catch the Christmas spirit.

2. Netflix

For a wider selection of films your next stop would be Netflix. Currently they are known for their DVD by mail service, but not as widely known is their great video on demand service that is included with your paid membership. The movies can be watched through any Netflix enabled device such as your Tivo HD, a Roku player, Samsung or LG Blu Ray players, or any of the current generation gaming consoles. These connect to your TV and allow you to stream videos directly to you. With Netflix you are able to view classics and modern films during your Halloween movie marathon. These are a few movies:

Night of the Living Dead
An American Werewolf in Paris
Body Snatchers

3. Blockbuster

Another similar option is Blockbuster Streaming. There are currently a few Blockbuster enable devices from Samsung, but the majority will most likely be limited to a home theater personal computer (HTPC). With Blockbuster you have to pay for each download which will cost anywhere from $0.99 to over $20.00 depending on whether you wish to purchase or buy and the movie itself. But, with this price you do have access to more new films than are available through Netflix. They also have an impeccable selection of the horror films that started it all. Here are some classic horror movies:

Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Wolf Man
The Mummy
The Bride of Frankenstein

4. Amazon on Demand

Finally we have Amazon on Demand. Amazon on Demand (AOD) is mainly available to HTPC’s, but it is also able to be streamed by Tivo boxes. AOD works in much the same way as Blockbuster in that you are paying per film. But, with millions of Tivo units out in the world, the odds are higher that this may be more accessible to you.

Shaun of the Dead
The Thing
Army of Darkness
Rosemary’s Baby