December 15, 2014 1:18 pm


This is our first interview for September 2013. We love to promote Indie Horror movies and this month we interviewed the creator/producer of Twinge Horror Movie: VeeVee.

So, VeeVee, tell us a bit about yourself?
This question is very interesting because I always feel like I’m forgetting something. There are so many layers and interesting things about me, but I’ll stick to the whole, I’m a writer and producer story. I’m trying to knock on the doors of Hollywood and really hope they let me in.

Can you tell us about how you got started in entertainment industry?

My mother loved to design and sew so I start modelling her creations in local fashion shows as a child. I’ve always had a keen sense of imagination, so my dreams of becoming an actress weren’t too farfetched. In grade school, my music teacher loved my powerful voice and asked me if I wanted to be in a stage production, and the rest was history. Fast forward into adulthood where I officially got my start as an extra on the hit TV show One Tree Hill. I partook in indie projects here and there because like everyone else, I was trying to catch my big break. A few years ago I decided to delve into writing and more recently into producing. I always knew that I would do both, but I never knew it would happen so soon. So here I am.

Twinge horror movie


What was your inspiration for ‘Twinge’?

I knew that I wanted to write a horror film so I began to flesh out my ideas on paper. Twinge wasn’t planned; it just kind of happened at the spare of the moment.

Tell us a bit more about ‘Twinge’.

Twinge tells the story of a mother who replaces her kids she lost in a car accident. This twisted tale revolves around a brainwashed warped family who will do anything to keep their loving family together. Let’s not forget there is lots of blood, gore, and torture involved. Are you surprised? So am I. Well, not really.

Does character come from plot, or plot from character?

I guess that all depends on each individual’s perception and specific story. No two stories are alike and the process to create those stories varies. In the case of Twinge, the plot developed from the main character. It was because of the character’s flaws and personal story that I was able to paint the initial picture and the full story evolved from there.

Which is your favourite horror movie?

There’s so many out there, but if I had to choose just one, I would choose Saw followed by Hostel. I guess that makes two.

What defines a good movie plot?

For starters, it has to capture the audience’s full attention. If the audience can get lost within the realms of their own imagination and become emotionally involved and attached, you’ve got yourself a pretty good plot.

Which writers and producers do you admire most and why?

It’s hard to narrow it down to a specific writer as of yet, but I will say, that I admire Steven Spielberg as a producer because of his variety and ability to produce great films.

When a writer has an idea for a movie, what questions should they be asking themselves before writing?

What is the story about? What genre am I looking to write? What message am I trying to convey to my audience? Is this story marketable? What is my target audience? Is this going to be believable? I’m sure there are plenty questions each individual writer ask themselves, but these are just a few of my questions.

Anything else you would like to say?

I love all genres; therefore, I aim to create something for various audiences. I’m inspired by so many things in life and I want that reflected through the work I create. I hope my work touches lives, sparks an interest, and entertain the minds of great people alike. On that note, Twinge is launching its first funding campaign on Indiegogo. The plan is to raise development funds (in 30 days) so we can get underway. Please visit the campaign page at and kindly chuck some bucks our way. Remember to LIKE the fan page at: This film is a potential franchise, and with your help, we’ll go down in horror history in a major way.