March 12, 2015 11:52 am

Since pop sensation Lady Gaga announced her lead role in “American Horror Story” season five and revealed the theme as hotel, the Internet has been abuzz with news, rumors and calculated guesswork. Below are three things fans know for sure and a guess on which hotel will feature on the forthcoming season:

1. Set in present: Ryan Murphy has told several media outlets that “American Horror Story: Hotel” will take place in present day. This also follows Murphy’s rule that odd numbered seasons are set in the present rather than the past. Season one and three followed stories in present day, so expect five to follow suit.

2. Lady Gaga is in it, but is it a musical? : Lady Gaga announced in February 2015 that she will play the lead role in season five. Express reports that a lingering shot of a top hat on a coffee cup in “Freak Show” refers to the 1935 musical comedy Top Hat which was set in a hotel. It is also a reference to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s album “Cheek To Cheek” whose title song is from Top Hat. Could this mean “Hotel” will be a musical? Executive producer Ryan Murphy is also the producer for “Glee”. However, this theory conflicts with the 1935 date since “Hotel” is set in the present.

3. All seasons are connected: Murphy has said several times that all seasons of the FX anthology series are connected. Fans and avid viewers of the show keep looking for connections but Murphy revealed one between “Freak Show” and “Asylum” that was certainly a revelation to fans.

4. Cecil Hotel: Perhaps the most popular speculation of “Hotel” is that the plot will revolve in Cecil hotel located in Los Angeles. Movie Pilot reports that the hotel was the site of a mysterious drowning of a girl named Elise Lam and serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger stayed there. Bizarre deaths and suicides were commonplace in Cecil hotel. It was also the last place where Elizabeth Short aka Black Dahlia was seen alive, according to GameNGuide.

Filming begins in July and “American Horror Story: Hotel” will premier in October 2015.


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