September 22, 2015 3:08 pm

A grief-stricken electrical engineer believes he has found a way to communicate with his dead daughter eight years after her death.

Using his expertise to design and build a series of electromagnetic detection devices, Gary Galka claims to have even recorded his eldest daughter Melissa saying, ‘Hi Daddy, I love you.’

Devastated by his girl’s death in a car accident on her way home in 2004 at the age of 17, Gary and his family claim they started to experience unexplained phenomena at their Connecticut home days after the fatal accident.

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Melissa Galka died in 2004 following a car crash and her family believe that she has been a constant spirit presence in their lives ever since

‘She started doing things like ringing the doorbell, changing TV channels, turning lights on and off,’ said Gary who runs D.A.S. Distribution Inc. in East Granby and lives with his wife Cindy and two other daughters, Jennifer and Heather.

‘There were situations when my wife would start to make lunch with Heather and Jennifer and all of sudden they’d feel someone come into the room,’ Gary told his local Patch.

‘I’ve been lying in bed and felt someone come down on my side of the bed and felt a weight on my chest, like someone’s head.

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Gary Galka has used his expert knowledge to create a series of electromagnetic devices that he says allow him to communicate with his daughter

‘It evolved into things like feeling a tap on the shoulder, someone calling out our names and it felt like someone was kissing our foreheads.’

Convinced these were after-death communications (ADC’s), Gary set about creating specific devices so that he could talk with his eldest girl.

Using his knowledge of electromagnetic sensors systems, Gary created the Mel-Meter 8704, named after his daughter, the year she was born and the year that Gary believes she passed into the spirit realm.

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Mellisa Galka died in September 2004 aged 17 after crashing her car into a tree on her way home from a party

Developing additional devices, such as a ‘Spirit Box’ , Gary has recorded his daughter saying, ‘Hi Daddy, I love You.’

The Galka family insist that these experiences are real and that the instruments that electrical genius Gary has created prove it. The entire family say that they have come into contact with Melissa, even seeing her appear inside their home.

‘I’ve never seen Melissa,’ said Gary. ‘But my younger daughter Heather has seen her three times.’

Indeed, Gary’s ghost detection equipment has found a niche market and the devices which are priced between $79 and $350 have become successful.

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Gary Galka set about designing and creating the Mel-Meters which are named after his daughter Melissa who tragically died in 2004 and are available at

‘Nobody catered to these people before,’ said Gary of weekend ghost hobbyists and even television shows such as Ghost Adevntures on the Travel Channel and Ghost Hunters on Syfy. ‘We have all different Mel Meters to do research.’ ‘I’ve created over 30 different products for paranomal research. No one was making products for these people.’

Adamant that he and his family are communicating with Melissa, the whole experience has been cathartic for the Galka’s.

‘It has brought us so much comfort, love ones want to let you know that you are safe and that you are OK,’ said Gary. ‘That’s really important to them. Through ADC’s you begin to heal. We began to heal.’ All Melissa cared about was to help her parents in time to learn to live life again. ’If you can’t do that, you’re going to be in a deep, dark place for the rest of your life.’

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

To test his theories, representatives form the Travel Channel’s ‘Ghost Adventures’ used the equipment that Gary had designed as well as high tech thermal imagery to see if Melissa would communicate with the Galka’s

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Cindy Galka and her daughters Jennifer and Heather have felt a presence in their home and even held hands with a spirit they believe to be the ghost of Melissa

Compelled by his tragic experience, Gary wants his products to be used to help other families going through the grieving process.

‘I held her hand and told her to hold on. And that everything would be OK,’ explained Gary about how he arrived on the scene of his daughters accident before she went into a coma and later died in hospital.

‘I had my hand on her heart and I felt it stop.’

Engineer Talks to His Dead Teenage Daughter

Still raw: Years after his daughters death Gary Galka can barely bring himself to be back at the scene of the accident where his daughter was fatally injured.

Raised a Catholic, Gary admits he believes in the afterlife and donates one-third of the profits from the sale of his paranormal detectors to bereavement groups.

Addressing anyone who is skeptical about his families experiences, Gary hopes that everyone can keep an open mind.

‘I feel compelled to help other bereaved parents, to show these parents that they can live beyond the grief and the be comforted knowing their child is in a good place, to show them they can have hope.’

Melissa Galka, R.I.P: