November 7, 2015 11:12 am

Petting zoo staff have called in an exorcist over a four horned sheep at their sanctuary.

four horned sheep

Strange things began to happen at the Hatton Adventure World, Warks, when the 18-month-old ram called ‘Devlin’ arrived just a few weeks ago.

Staff noticed that the sheep, a Manx Loaghtan, was a vicious beast and kept attacking anyone who ventured into his pen.

Then water started bubbling in the sheep’s drinking bowl and one visitor reported hearing the ram ‘growl’ – not a typical ruminant sound.

four horned sheep

The visitor was said to have left the zoo in tears over the incident.

Devlin also smashed his way through an entire field full of pumpkins and feed bags have been overturned by the raging beast.

His horns have also caused alarm, although these are normal for his breed, native to the Isle of Man.

Traumatised staff have called in an exorcist to see if there is something a little more sinister about Devlin.

four horned sheep

A spokesman for the petting zoo said: ‘Since Devlin has arrived we have noticed a lot of weird things happening.

four horned sheep

‘Staff have been told to approach him with caution and go in pairs when they feed him.

‘The oddest incident was when a keeper swears he saw water in the goat’s drinking bowls appearing to boil on its own accord.

‘Things have got so bad that we are in the process of contacting exorcist experts to come and see if Devlin is possessed.’