November 20, 2015 1:29 pm

Christopher Scarver murdered fellow inmate and infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994 and never spoke of it again. More than 20 years later Scarver is offering chilling insights into the serial killer’s twisted behavior behind bars.


Scarver grew to despise 34-year-old Dahmer, who was serving 16 life sentences for the murder, rape and dismemberment of 17 boys and men. Dahmer also admitted to acts of necorphilia and cannibalism, earning him the nickname the Milwaukee Monster.

Once behind bars Dahmer allegedly taunted his fellow inmates, including Scarver, Dahmer reportedly arranged his meals to resemble body parts and lathered them with ketchup to mimic blood. Scarver, who serving time for killing his boss during a robbery, insists that Dahmer did not feel any remorse for his crimes.

Scarver, Dahmer and another inmate, Jesse Anderson, had a deadly showdown when Scarver cracking in 1994. Anderson and Dahmer were allegedly teasing Scarver while he was on cleaning duty. The three men were left alone and Scarver cornered Dahmer, confronting him about his depraved crimes. Scarver then used a metal bar from the prison weight room to crush Dahmer skull and kill Anderson.

Scarver maintains that the prison staff wanted Dahmer dead and thus left the men alone. The prison will not comment on Scarver’s story.

Scarver spent 16 years in solitary conferment for the killings and is still serving three life terms.

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