January 4, 2016 10:51 am

Weird Object

There’s a peculiar phenomenon occurring in the frozen lakes of the world: Strange circles are cropping up in the ice, and some believed it was the winter version of an alien-made crop circle. However, scientists have recently explained that the shapes are merely ice circles, which crop up after methane emissions create a rising mass of warm water under the surface.

A strange video is kicking up a storm online, appearing to show a bizarre dark circle in the middle of a frozen lake. The phenomenon, which occurred somewhere in Utah, appears to have large ice crystals embedded throughout.

As you might expect, numerous theories and guesses have been thrown around, including a rare fungus, fish blood, a viral marketing campaign or students making a prank video. However, one of the more credible sounding explanations suggests it could be the effect of an organism’s natural antifreeze protein. These could interfere with the crystallization of the ice, causing the formation of the odd-looking structures.

Weird Object

The guys in this video discovered a strange something in the middle of a frozen Utah lake. Naturally, they start poking at the object with their bare hands because no one heeds the lessons of sci-fi or horror movies.

A nearby takeaway coffee cup, which you can see in the video, is also a prime suspect.

So, what’s your theory?