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Legends of the Koi Fish

The Koi fish is a very beautiful and spiritual creature. The koi fish is an orange, black, red, blue, yellow or white carp with different variations in the color and patterning. The fish is first popularized in Europe and Asia as a source of food. This fish has later become more popular as a modern garden fish. There is a report of a koi fish living for 200 years. They are incredible beings.

Spiritually, the Koi stands for strength because of its ability to swim against the water currents. There is a legend involving the beauty of these fish. There is many koi swimming against the flow to reach the top of the waterfall. As it becomes harder, some of the koi turn back around and give up. There is many koi that try against the impossible for a very long time. The ones who make it over the waterfall are transformed into golden dragons as they leap into the universal river in heavenly perfection and peace.

What beauty and magic their spirits hold over us. They practice endurance, and are rewarded enormously by the Gods for this.

Perhaps, we too could put to use the spiritual power of the koi.


Here is a dream that I had of koi fish and also some popular interpretations on dreaming of koi fish.

Thursday, December 3rd 2015

Jumping Koi Fish

My dream takes place in a dark room, it’s almost pitched black. The only light being from a window, where it seems the sun must be setting because there is an orange and red glow.

I have a helper with me unstocking fish from an aquarium in a home bedroom. I’m not sure of the face because it seems to change into almost everyone I know that is close to me.

I start putting some goldfish and angels into another aquarium because the water that they are in is a bit dirty. I never touch them; just lift up the tank to pour.

I have to stop because suddenly I see two giant koi fish. One is orange and the other is white. They arise side by side. The white never shows its eyes as it quickly dives back down and I see a silver reflection of light. The orange falls onto the floor, it is so slippery that we cannot pick it up with our hands easily.

When it is finally into the aquarium, I realize that the chlorine in the water is burning the fish so we go to grab it and it just keeps jumping out everywhere; onto the floor and other aquariums.

Popular Interpretation

According to popular dream websites such as dreammoods.com, dreaming of a fish can mean many things. The first closely associated element is water which stands for emotions, and life. The fish can mean a new business plan about to give birth. Perhaps the koi can stand for my spiritual strength, and also good luck in my endurance. What sort of water is the fish in? Is it wild and untamed or peaceful waters? The koi fish is a good symbol of success. The koi in my dream did a great job of breaking free from the aquarium into reality as I have since been painting and meditating a lot on this divine spirit.

Ghost Koi

A ghost koi is a newly bred version that is very sparkly and metallic colored. The ghost koi just came into existence twenty years ago.

Scientists and breeders spend time forging new versions of naturally born creatures. Sometimes, this can help a species survive but, do we really know what the future is or is this foolish? Fish and other creatures evolve naturally throughout time but with our modern knowledge many people find it hard not to create such beauty. There are many new variations of koi today.


The koi is a very beautiful and spiritually intelligent creature. They are determined and elegant, common yet mystical. Next time that you see a koi,(or perhaps you are the guardian already of this creature), do not forget the beautiful magic of their ancestors and the legacy they have left on our hearts and world.

Koi Soul
Poetry by; Shooting Star Baby (a.k.a. Deanna Jaxine Stinson)
Born small
I transform
Into clear skies
Like streams
My heart breaks
In waves
For the goodbyes
Like seasons
Reasons fade
You are the moon
I am blue
In high waters I wade
I am beneath you
A quiet song
Building up slowly
Like landmarks and castles
Into a sweet melody
Like koi jumping into
Another realm
I won’t let go of
I’ll be
To be
I wont stop
Until I find them
The Gods
To be fed
The truth like honey
To endure

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka The Black Rose
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)


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