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When I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, flying back home, I had a small layover in Bogato, Columbia. The next layover was in Houston, Texas. My brother Joseph ‘Joe’ Soyo once visited Barranquilla, Columbia. There are many paranormal stories that come out of this country. One of those stories is about the abandoned Hotel Del Salto. This hotel was closed in the 1990s, because of contaminated water. There is talk about reopening this hotel, but it’s only talk. I received a call on my paranormal hotline from a gentleman named Juan. Juan tells me that he was once an assistant caretaker at this hotel.

On one particular night, he witnessed two men (ghosts) that seemed to be fighting on the 2nd floor. From what he could tell, it was a knife fight and one of the men buckled down and was holding his stomach. At first Juan thought the men were real people, but saw that he could see through them, they were partially translucent. After the fight, they both just faded away into nothingness. On another night, Juan saw a woman in a yellow dress hanging out by the balcony. Before he knew it, she climbed over the wall and leaped to her death, when he ran over to the balcony, he did not see the woman in the yellow dress. Juan knew he saw a ghost. Juan says that the Hotel Del Salto is very, very haunted and he has no desire to ever return. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE FIGHTERS OF HOTEL DEL SALTO AND THE AMARILLO WOMAN.

I had a layover in Bogota, but I did not get to explore Bogota like I wanted. The places I wanted to explore are the following:

Bogotá City Hall aka Lievano Palace.

This place is real creepy. Typewriters are known to operate by themselves, but now that we are in the technology age, computer keyboards are being utilized by unseen forces. One worker said that he saw the words on the screen translated to English…..”I want out.” There have been reports of a giant owl that frequently flies over the parking lot. Lights turn on or shut off by themselves. Closed Captioned TV monitors captured a white mass moving down the hallway. A press officer reported seeing this same white mass and sensors have detected the white mass. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: BOGOTA CITY HALL GHOSTLY OFFICE WORKERS AND THE BOGOTA CITY HALL WHITE MASS.

Bogotá South Bus Terminal

The Lady in Red and the Man in the White Hat haunt the terminal. Surveillance cameras have detected see through apparitions in the terminal. Tourists have heard unearthly sounds and screaming. The terminal are very close to El Apogeo Cemetery and this may be the cause of the hauntings. A 3 feet black shadow is sometimes seen gliding across the floor and then zips up the wall and goes to the middle of the ceiling and vanishes. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE LADY IN RED, THE MAN IN THE WHITE HAT and the BLACK WALL CLIMBER.

Bolivar Square

José Raimundo Russi was executed by a series of gunshots here. His ghost is seen moving about the square. He is elegantly dressed and his face is covered in blood. Some paranormal researchers believe this is a residual haunting, not an intelligent haunting. Jose seems unaware of the living people around him. GHOST IDENTIFIED: JOSE RAIMUNDO RUSSI.

Capitolio Nacional

A child is heard on the 3rd floor giggling. A woman employee saw the child and this child stuck out his or her long tongue. The woman employee was not able to make out the gender of the child. The woman employee thought the child looked devilish. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE LONG TONGUED CHILD.

Casa de Narino

In one of the halls is a German piano. Some of the guards have witnessed a dark haired woman playing the piano. Because of the history of this place, the guards believe the dark haired woman to be Manuelita Saenz. GHOST IDENTIFIED: MANUELITA SAENZ

Central Cemetery of Bogotá

The paranormal hotspot is a place called “El Caracol”. This is a spiral staircase leading to a mass grave where rapes, murders and suicides took place. Presences have also been felt around the Presidential Alley and near Leo Siegfred Koop’s grave. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE CREEPY PHANTOMS OF CENTRAL CEMETERY.

An apartment building located in Chapinero where Campo Elias Delgado used to live.

In 1986 he killed his mother and six of his neighbors. This slaughter was known as the Pozzetto Massacre. Residents complain of hearing sounds of crying, moaning, screaming and yelling. Paranormal researchers believe that this is a residual haunting, not an intelligent haunting, but a tragedy that is engraved into the atmosphere and replays the horrific scene over and over again. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE POZZETTO MASSACRE SCREAMING VICTIMS.

A family residence in Ciudad Montes, in Puente Aranda district, where people have sensed a benevolent entity.

This entity likes knocking on doors. Sometimes the entity will whisper something in your ear. Shadows are seen. Footsteps are heard. Sounds of clanging pots are heard. Electronic devices will turn on by themselves. A black woman is seen walking down the steps. GHOST IDENTIFIED: THE WHISPERING BLACK LADY.

Colombian Liberal Party National Headquarters, located in the Teusaquillo district.

Now this is one creepy place. An old manor has an entity that makes everyone feel like they are being watched. Juliana an employee at this headquarters felt like she was being watched and turned around and a skinny man with a thin black mustache was standing right behind her. She was startled and ready to scream, when the entity smiled and disappeared in front of her very eyes. Juliana calls this ghost the Thin Mustached Guy. There are sounds of coughing, hacking, sneezing from the Allergy Ghost. The wood squeaks in such a way as if someone is lightly walking on the floor on their tippy toes. Some people call this entity the Squeaky Floor Walker. Doors open and close and lights turn on and off by themselves. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THIN MUSTACHED GUY; SQUEAKY FLOOR WALKER AND THE ALLERGY GHOST.

DAS Headquarters

A building in central Bogotá that was the target of a bombing in 1989, resulting in a significant number of deaths. Some of the victims of the attack still haunt this building, including a desperate blonde woman running in a corridor, a vanishing couple, a man in the parking lot and a strange presence on the terrace that makes dogs bark. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: DAS HEADQUARTERS BOMBING VICTIMS.

El Virrey Park, where Luis Colmenares died under strange circumstances.

Bizarre occurrences have been reported in the police surveillance station and surrounding areas near where the body of Luis was found. Surveillance cameras have picked up on objects picked up from the ground, floating in the air and placed back on the ground. A strange human type of mouth was up close to the surveillance camera and then the mouth opened and vanished. Another strange specter is of a ghostly white dog that will leap in the air and you can’t see it’s paws. The dog looks like a pure white German shepherd. Luis once saw the dog leap inside a tree and vanish. Luis calls the dog the Blanco Espiritu Perro, which translates in English as the White Spirit Dog. GHOST IDENTIFIED: LUIS COLMENARES and THE BLANCO ESPIRITU PERRO.

Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Theater

The ghost of ‘Varguitas’ likes to move things, make strange noises and to play pranks inside the theatre. Some of those pranks is pulling hair or placing a wet finger in the ear. Another ghost that is seen is the Eye Spirit. When walking in the theater, when the theater is dimly lit, a pair of eyes will come towards you, stop in front of your face and then vanish. GHOST IDENTIFIED: VARGUITAS AND THE EYE SPIRIT.


4/22/2016 Paranormal Hotline Call. Daniel Longtree of Austin, Texas says he was walking at dusk at Zilker Metropolitan Park and heard the song Them Changes by Buddy Miles. As he kept walking he claims he saw the ghost of Buddy Miles on drums and Buddy winked at him. The song Them Changes faded away and Buddy also faded away. Daniel believes Buddy Miles haunts this park. Special Note: I saw Buddy Miles playing Them Changes at an outdoor concert in Stockton, California in 1971, also playing was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. The Stockton Skulls motorcycle gang was there and started a riot. Police came and tear gassed everyone. I snuck into this concert and got to see Buddy Miles for free, along with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior

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