June 11, 2016 10:43 am

Let me clarify. As an investigator of the odd I purposefully steered away from cliché cemetery investigation thinking that little life experience had occurred at burial sites and the display of respect  had to be considered paramount. I am glad I changed my mind.

Not only did I find welcome solace at Academy Cemetery in Clovis California,  I came away thinking maybe spirits use these quiet spots whether they are buried there or not.  I went in with a “measure the environment” attitude and wanted to take some base readings without too much inquiry. The Ovilus V when turned on spat out a continuous stream of words without stopping  for thirty words  including the mention of the name IDA twice. I knew that IDA was an old fashioned name and that of the 889 plots  I found an IDA BELL COLE  and left some flowers there. I felt very satisfied with that. If the spirits used me in that capacity it is all good.

I got sad when I saw a grave marker that said baby or unknown but then I understood that the universe knows all the names, and it is okay if I do not.

I wondered if the flags put at each grave for Memorial Day added to the great respect that I felt running through me. The winds picked up and the dozens of flags in the wind sounded like applause,  another  clear homage that stirred at my heart.

I was filming and announcing each device that was running and  which one we were testing next  and when I said out loud that I was switching to a PSB7 box the spirit box/ shack hack that was running repeated me and said PSB7 Box, Is that so?

Another odd but perhaps explainable event  was when running the wireless Ovilus V next to a device with an external speaker , the Ovilus said a word  and it also was transmitted through the  separate external speaker on this other device. This was  very odd and I need to research that further.

DSC00296I still feel that graves are more for the living than the dead. Each marker creates its own environmental impact according to the calming comfort it provides to the grieving.


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