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A Smoky Fire Smoldering

Please be aware that embers may easily fall from your herbal wand. To prevent any destruction or danger to yourself and your home, please use precaution. It is recommended to use something to catch falling pieces such as a plate, bowl or seashell. Also note that wands may relight themselves if you are walking fast and catching air, as this breathes life into fire. Do not under any circumstance set the wand down until you are sure that the flame is out. The heat will crack glass, ceramic and bone, so be aware of the wand at all times.

The Best Time to Smudge

A good time to smudge is when you sense that evil is near or during a new moon. In this way, you are clearing out the old energies of the past and making way for the new. When you have a ritual, you may try different herbs and woods for different purposes. The best way to know the herbs you should burn is by following your heart and seeing where it leads you. All herbs are multipurpose and what matters the most is how it makes you feel.

When you have chosen a good time to smudge, it is important that you choose a bundle of herbs that is not to dry and not too fresh. A fresh bundle will have a hard time burning, as it is filled with moisture. A dried bundle will burn too quickly and inefficiently. The best way to tell when it is time to burn your bundle is by the color. Fresh herbs are dark green and a perfect shade would be a pastel green. If your bundle is too fresh, simply wait for it to dry for up to a few months, depending on the variety and the weather in your location.

What To Do

When smudging, it is important to open windows to push the old energy out through. You can start at the back of your residence and move into the front, pausing outside the front door for a final prayer.To start, call on your ancestors, angels, gods and your higher self for help.

Next, cut the tip of the string off and tie it down to the point that you think you will next use. Separate the herbs slightly. The farther apart that you pull them, the bigger the flame will be and that becomes harder to control safely. Ignite wand with flame from lighter or candle.

Once the flame has caused the herb to glow or after 30-45 seconds, blow out and use the smoke as a tool to cleanse the air while you pray.



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