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Ghost stories are meant to scare us and even though we sometimes don’t believe in ghosts, great ghost stories (or rather spooky ones) never fail to give us goosebumps. We tend to listen or read or even watch scary ghost narratives in order to freak ourselves out only to enjoy the ecstatic feeling of being scared and horrified.

Some activities that are equally or more scary than listening to ghost stories include ghost hunting and paranormal reading and while most of the time we see these things on TV and media portrayed, they are actually more scary in real life. Here, we compiled some stories that you should not read alone, ever.

The Text Message

Bea received her new phone as a gift from her parents. She really enjoys playing with it all day by using several apps and listening to music. One day, she woke up with a text from an unknown number telling her that her parents will be out to buy groceries. She went downstairs only to see that there is no note on the fridge which her Mom always does whenever they leaves her still sleeping. She went further to the kitchen to prepare herself some cereals. While eating, she received another text message telling her that her parents had an emergency and so they will come home late. She didn’t reply to the unknown number. After eating, she went upstairs to play some video games. She received another text saying: Looks like you’re playing some good old video games. Bea started to feel something weird. She looked at the side of her eyes only to be scared more. A sudden gust of cold wind blew on her neck and her phone rings again. Her phone received another unknown message which read “Are you a little scared?” Bea started screaming in her head and imagining creepy things. She receives another text message telling her not to be scared.

She starts to hear loud knocks from the backdoor. Another message popped: I’m coming. She held her phone tight and got an old baseball bat. As she goes downstairs, silently aiming at anything, she receives another text message and the loud knocks still persist. She opens the message: Throw away those useless bat! She cries while still holding the bat tightly and when she’s near the backdoor. She stepped backward while still aiming the bat. She opened the door only to see nothing. She steps outside the backyard. Her phone rings. Before she could pick up her phone, a loud smack crushed on her skull. Her Mommy and Daddy is silently smiling while looking at their adopted daughter.

The Guest

Dennis had found great company with Mark and Mary. He started talking with the twins since his first day at his new school. Twins Mark and Mary even invited her to a dinner at their home. Dennis is quick to approve and asked for the time. “9PM” said Mary and Mark quipped “sharp”. As Dennis walked towards the house, a tiny, young voice started whispering in his head. Don’t come. Don’t come. You will regret it. He looked at his back and saw a barely recognizable shadow of a young girl. The voice seems to come from the shadow. Scared as he was, he stared walking very fast until he got to Mary and Mark’s house. The family greeted him warmly and offered a seat at the table. Mark and Mary sat beside him and started talking to him. Dennis noticed that there seems no cooking happening at the family’s kitchen and the utensils seem clean. He suddenly feels weirded out by the questions of Mark and Mary asking him what he ate when he is supposed to be eating here. Mary and Mark’s family is looking at Dennis. Their eyes suddenly all become the same as their drippy tongues came out. Dennis is shocked only to feel that her hands were clasped tightly by Mark and Mary. A family member went out from the kitchen to the dinner table holding a large, shiny knife. Everybody is singing a weird chant as the knife’s sharp surface slices on Dennis’ neck.

The Black Lady

Stories have been told that a black apparition that of a young lady is roaming the McArthur Highway, the radioman stated at the regular horror portion of the radio channel. Henry smoked a cigarette inside the cab pretending to not hear the story. He haven’t gone home since he found out her wife having sex with their neighbor. About two days ago. He is focusing on his work as a taxi driver to compensate for her wife’s malicious activities. He even decided to commit suicide yesterday but is thinking of the future of her two young daughters. Now, he is about to enter the McArthur Highway to move away from an overlapping traffic. She saw a young lady signaling to his taxi. He sped up to the lady’s location. The lady opened the cab as Henry horrifyingly witness a faceless black lady enter his taxi.

The Bedroom        

We always hear screeching sounds from an old bedroom upstairs. We just bought an old house which still looks new and decent. Mum decided to buy it because of its cheap price and Dad tells us that the location is very much near to important places like school, church and the market. Since the night we first slept on the house after moving in, we have always been hearing screeching sounds from the bedroom upstairs near the veranda. Tonight, I’m blasting heavy metal to distract myself as I read my notes for tomorrow’s quiz. Feeling thirsty I went to get a drink from the refrigerator. After helping myself from orange juice, I started to hear the screeching sounds again. I went to the room and tried to open it with the key from the top of the dining room TV. After few tries, I opened it and found myself on my bedroom. There’s is no screeching sound and I can hear the loud music I’ve played an hour ago. I feel weird as I lay on my bed. I silenced the music and I can hear the screeching sounds so near that I’m actually hearing it on my head. I closed my eyes to feel the sounds carefully and when I opened my eyes, I saw a hanged man screeching in front of me. There is no bed. No loud music. I’m not in my room.

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