July 16, 2016 9:22 am

This week’s Most Haunted investigation culminated in presenter Yvette Fielding braving the spooky cellar alone – and having a loud and terrifying run-in with a noisy ghost.

The team were investigating Mansion House, St Helens – a large 200-year-old property that was at one time the home of a wealthy family before briefly being turned into a museum and eventually a care home after years of neglect.

The Most Haunted team embarked on the property already knowing the stories linked with it, which included a 19th century maid hanging herself from the staircase and a ghostly figure wondering the halls.

Things weren’t too active in the initial parts of the episode, which saw Yvette and the team perform a vigil on the stairs and in the living rooms.

The end of the show, however, was when things got extremely frightening, when Yvette chose to leave the rest of the crew and venture into the supposedly haunted cellar on her own.

After navigating her way around the pitch black rabbit-warren of cellar corridors, Yvette caught something moving on camera through an archway a few meters in front of her.

On closer inspection she saw that a pale rock had been thrown across the room.

Clearly nervous, Yvette tried to communicate with whatever was lurking in the shadows, only for several deafening knocks and crashes to be heard suddenly.

A rock was chucked at Yvette

By this point, the 47-year-old TV star was visibly shaking and close to tears. Looking into the camera she simply said: “I’m doing this for you,” before venturing toward the source of the noises.

It became clear that the supposed poltergeist was throwing around a plastic crate, which Yvette kicked to try and goad the ghost further.

At this point there were several further noises, leaving Yvette nothing to do except scream expletives at whatever it was tormenting her.

“I’m getting angry now, you s**tbag!” Yvette yelled. “You f****r! I’m going to have to go and get the others, I don’t know where I am, I’m going to go. I’m going now, okay? You f**k! I don’t know the way. I am running the f**k out of here!”

While other members of the Most Haunted team experienced whining, crying, growling and even the sensation of being pushed, nothing quite came close to the trauma that Yvette faced alone in the dank cellar.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella