October 6, 2016 9:37 am

We are sons and daughters
Of a beast with
Solar energy
Crescent wings
& a lunar destiny
Earth’s children of a
Spiraling galaxy &
Three dreams in
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Crystal connections
Angelic protection
An eclipse in
The dark
Blood portals of a moon
Stirred with magic
Black water sparking
Electricity to
Circuits &
Drums beating
For infinity

The Legends of Hearts beat out like drums keeping time in a rhythm of a song wrote by destiny. Rivers flowing like teardrops empty out with the season. The sunlight kisses me as I sleep, like warm honey on my mind’s eye and my soul exists inside. Deep within, I am feeling the melody begin to pick up pace, as I search for the feeling again.

Is it love; is it pain, or a symphony, inside of me that is the mana of eternity? The space within is my heart, mind and soul. Three times three times three, I fill it up, but I do not rush, because at the end if I am overflowing, my heart will be heavy, it will be spilling over, soaking, ugly and unchanged, useless and deranged.

Yet here I am, I am me, trying to fulfill my wishes. What is on the inside, is made on the outside with the hands of time, sharp and spinning like the Earth, like bones, like death and metamorphous, preparing us, to turn nothing into something else.

We are arguing with the Gods for nothing but stone pieces and desolate reasons. Pieces of them spread out, apart, in vases, our skeleton cages.

Here we are now, trying to mend them with religion and spiritual philosophy.

The Heart Chakra

In yogi traditions, meditations center on chakras. The chakras are certain spiritual aura points on your body that can be triggered through our third eye. The chakras can help us to heal ourselves, with proper care and concern. They range from deep below us to high above us, and each has their purpose.

It is best to activate the chakras in alignment, as this helps to build a steady foundation. It can simply be done by thinking about the special axis points. The start generally begins at the root chakra, which can be found at the top of our legs, and from there, we pass the sacral and solar plexus, and then to the heart, which is followed by throat, third eye and crown points. It goes on, from there up, and up, into higher dimensions.

Each chakra is represented by a color. The color for the heart is green and it’s my favorite color as well. The spiritual center is in the middle of the chest. Green is the activation color. To open up this portal easily, you would think of and select stones, food, clothing and jewelry of this vibrancy. The frequency, in turn, will help you to heal the pain of the past, and focus on what you can do to become stronger and gentler in the future.

After all, the heart is the source of blood flow and life, so to keep us as stress free and healthy as possible, is an ideal goal for spiritual success. This energy center is a conduit for metaphysical power and focus.

The Heart Shape

As you notice, the typical western symbol for a heart is a representation of a spiritual sense, and not much like what the physical shape takes at all. Although there is no real credit given, to the symbol creator, there are many theories as to how it came to be. Some of these suggestions are; to mimic the design of the female vulva, a woman’s buttocks, a woman’s breasts, an ivy leaf or silphium plant.

In ancient Egypt, hearts are represented by vases. They are properly drawn to look like a sheep’s heart. They believe that a heart “speaks in the vessels of all the chambers.” Egyptians made scarab amulets to place over their hearts, which spoke words of protection, from a spell of the Book of the Dead. This spell was meant for the heart to not betray oneself, in order to grasp onto eternal, moral perfection.

The Weighing of Hearts Ceremony

In ancient Egyptian mythology, there is a funeral text referred to as the Book of the Dead. Within this book, is a ritual said to help benefit the person who would be judged in the next life, by the weight of their heart. The heavier the heart, the more pain and sorrow a person was likely to have and this would signal a great monster, Ammit, to eat the heart. This meant that the person had made bad choices. The Egyptians believed that it was our own responsibility to create happiness for ourselves. This is the morality of truth and justice; represented by a feather, as the goddess Maat.

The ritual declares that if you include this particular chapter in the tomb, you would almost be guaranteed access to the other realms, without the fear of this beast. Do not worry because, if shown the proper respect, Ammit, or “The Gobbler,” with the head of a crocodile, body of a great feline, and the back legs of a hippopotamus, will not eat you.

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts represents the most desirable woman and man. The woman is magnetic, charming and a loving nurturer. She is a spiritual, powerful and beautiful person. He is a gentle nurturer with a loyal devotion.

The magic of the Queen of Hearts is that she cannot be hated. No matter what her choices, her sense of love has overpowered her, to the chances that she can never be unloved. People take notice of her, and want to befriend her, admire her and hear her words.

In a tarot deck, cups are known to be another metamorphism of the heart.

Cups represent emotion, dreams and fantasy. A cup is filled up like a heart, overflowing and drank from, like water. Our tears are living sources of this mana.

Legends of Hearts

The Legends of Hearts are spirits brought to life from another realm.
The realms from where we seek a divine truth. This truth connects us to deeper meaning, learning and excellence than one could ever hope to attain in a material world.

The stories will never leave you, if you embed them deeply into your subconscious. This can help you during your transition from one state of life into the next, spiritually and physically.

The reasons for religion and spirituality are to induce a sense of ease and training as you part from here to there. This can be for a moment, a fantasy, or a lifetime. Yet whatever you choose, your heart will always lead the way.

Spells of a Broken Heart

I knew we would rise up
One day
Like cups
Like a griffin soaring
Saving us like
A cherub
From our innocence
There were no words
Pouring out
That could be said
About it
But I was lead
By instinct and destruction
Creation changing
Like pomegranates waking
Seeds bleeding
Clouds departing
Together assuming
Feeling the difference
Controlling the wind
With the spells of a
Broken heart
In a beautiful existence

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Rose Goddess


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