July 8, 2017 9:48 am

My dad had bought a pistol from a friend of his, a real weird guy, for my mom to use at the house for home protection. He was gone all the time and we had started to have some people fucking around the house at night so she accepted it even though she doesn’t really like guns. For some reason she kept it under the bed.

After he brought the gun home she said she started having really weird dreams and it always felt like someone was in her room at night staring at her. After awhile she said she started getting woken up by what felt like someone kicking the mattress from underneath the bed. This really wigged her out because there was no one in the room. It freaked her out so much she started sleeping on the couch.

One day her best friend came over and they started talking about this issue. Her friend suggested that it was a “demon” in her room (these are super religious people here mind you). They both go into the room to investigate the cause of the “disturbance” as they called it. My mom mentioned something about the gun and her friend told her that that was probably the culprit. It had a “demon attached to it” and she needed to get rid of it. So she picked it up and took it to the garage.

Now, I have a hard time believing this next part but they both swear to this day that it happened. She put the gun in a box in the garage and locked the deadbolt on the door, as we normally do. As soon as the bolt latched she and her friend claim that all hell broke loose in the garage. They claim that it sounded like something was going berserk knocking stuff over and kicking at the door trying to open it. They both huddled in the living room praying like crazy for 20 minutes until the commotion died down.

The next day my dad comes home and asked what had happened to the garage because everything was knocked over. She tells him he bought a “demon gun” and made him immediately get rid of it.


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This post was written by Nadia Vella