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With this article, we are going to do some hopscotching. We are going to start off with a haunting in Sacramento and then talk about hauntings in various faraway countries and territories. The countries and territories mentioned are countries that I actually flew over to get to another country. So technically, the countries and territories I mention, I was there, in their airspace. I will talk about hauntings in these countries and territories, along with why I was flying over these countries and territories. So, let’s get started with our first stop in Sacramento, California:

The Sacramento Memorial Auditorium is located at 1515 J Street in Sacramento. This majestic building was constructed in 1926 and opened to the public in February of 1927. Many big stars have performed here from the Beach Boys to the Rolling Stones to The Doobie Brothers to The Moody Blues to Prince to Duran Duran. When I danced for the Easter Seal’s Guinness Book of World Records, I started the marathon at the Country Club Plaza and was transported by a van (in which I had to dance inside the van in front of witnesses) and taken to the Sacramento Convention Center to finish up the last few hours. It was originally mentioned that Easter Seals was going to have me finish up at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, but that did not come to fruition and like I mentioned, the final avenue of my dance was completed at the Sacramento Convention Center. I danced 8 ½ days – 205 Hours. I had my fingers crossed, that I would do the last 5 hours at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, because I was curious if the building was haunted or not.

Some of the stories that have been told to me are the following:

Miguel Anderson from Sacramento claims he attended the Duran Duran concert and a hippie type of lady sat in the seat next to him, she sat to his right. Miguel says she had a purple flower in her hair, tattered flowered dress that was long, she wore birkenstocks, straggly blonde hair and blue eyes. Miguel noticed on her right hand, she had a small peace symbol tattoo. Miguel thought the woman looked very unusual and out of place for a Duran Duran concert. The lady looked at Miguel and smiled. Miguel tried to break the ice and said…”are you ready to see Duran Duran?” The woman looked at Miguel with a quizzical look on her face and said “who is that?” Miguel was completely confused and says…”what do you mean? You’re at the Duran Duran concert!” Then at this time a heavy set man approached the woman’s seat and sat down at the exact spot where the lady was. As he sat down, she completely vanished. Miguel said he freaked out and said to the man next to him,….”you sat on a lady! Oh my god, she was right there and you sat down and now she is gone!” The heavy set man did not see the lady and thought Miguel had been drinking. Miguel was so shaken by this experience, that he went to the restroom and vomited. When Deanna Jaxine Stinson visited this auditorium, she felt a portal on the 2nd floor. Priscilla (last name not given) claims she saw a janitor, wearing a blue uniform at the auditorium and as she watched him sweeping, he faded away. AUDITORIUM ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: PEACE LADY AND THE AUDITORIUM JANITOR.

Now let’s talk about my flyovers and what is haunting the countries and territories that I flew over.

My Haunted Flyovers

Greenland – While flying over to England, the airline pilot told the passengers to look over to their left and they will see Greenland. There are many paranormal stories that originate from Greenland. One story is the Mud Woman. This Mud Woman is sometimes seen walking around the icey tundra looking lost. What is unusual about this woman is that she appears to be covered in mud. It is said that if she makes eye contact with a person, that person will fall ill in a few days.

Iceland – While flying to Ireland, we flew over Iceland. There are many, many stories of elves and fairies that inhabit this island. One story is about the rock known as Ofeigskirkja. This rock has been at the center of an 8 year battle to stop a road being built through this 8,000-year-old landscape, a spectacularly barren and evocative terrain a little to the north of Reykjavík, which some believe is a site of supernatural forces. In a country of such desolate stony expanses, haunted by howling winds, bubbling geysers and fiery eruptions, it’s not hard to see why more than half of the population entertains the possibility that a parallel community of elves, dwarves and ghosts might exist – a statistic repeated in tourist brochures since a landmark 1975 survey. But few, like Jónsdóttir, claim to have a direct line to them, allowing her to hear their cries for help. Another entity that they believe exists in Iceland is a spirit called the Kopavogur Nemhain. This spirit was seen 4 times in the city of Kopavogur and it gives out a horrifying death shriek. Locales believe that Irish people brought this entity over from Ireland.

Aleutian Islands – While flying back from Hong Kong to the United States, we flew over the Aleutian Islands. There has been many reports of UFOs sighted in this area. Some of the reports indicate that UFOs have been seen flying into the ocean and there have been reports of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) flying out of the water and into the sky.

Sweden – While flying to Moscow, Russia, I flew over Sweden. What I will never forget is the incredible view of Sweden from the air. One report comes out of the town of Lund. I will call this the Kikimora Lund Spirit case. A resident of Lund was haunted by a female spirit, believed to be a Slavic Kikimora spirit. The husband makes claim that his wife would be weaving a scarf with her own design in mind and the next morning, the scarf would be completed with a different design. After a while, his wife became frustrated and one of the scarfs she threw in the fire. When she did that her sewing needles raised up in the air and flew into the wall. The needles remain in the wall as a reminder to not upset the spirit. The spirit has also been seen looking over their chickens. The family believes they have a Kikimora spirit in their house. This report comes from the Nilsson family in Lund, Sweden. Special Note: My father Paul and my stepmother Cindy have visited Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

Finland – While flying to Moscow, Russia, I flew over Finland. Inari of Finland says that she encountered a possible Swarog (fire demon). While hiking in the forest near Helsinki, she saw a humanoid that appeared to be on fire flying in and out of the forest. As she watched this flying humanoid, it morphed into a falcon and flew away. This happened in 1967. I call this the Helsinki Fire Demon.

Norway – While flying to Moscow, Russia, I flew over Norway. Akershus Fortress (Castle) in Norway was built around 1300. This is a medieval castle that was a defensive stronghold for the city of Oslo. It served as a prison during the late 18th-19th centuries, with many prisoners dying during their imprisonment from starvation, torture and murder. Nazi’s also occupied the castle during World War II, carrying out many executions on the site. Legend has it that Akershus Castle is the most haunted place in Norway. There is even a demon dog named Malcanisen that guards the gates to the castle. If Malcanisen approaches you, you are doomed to die a horrible death in the next 3 months. Also, there is a ghost of a woman named Mantelgeisten that is seen walking around the castle and usually she is walking back to her chamber. She comes out of the shadows wearing a long robe and has no facial features.

Vietnam – While flying to Bangkok, Thailand, I flew over Vietnam and Laos. It has been reported that many citizens of Vietnam have seen the residual haunting of soldiers in battle. Some residents have seen soldiers marching in the jungles only to disappear into thin air. On a lighter note, the Hoang family claims they have a Zao Shen spirit in their home. They have seen this spirit writing something in a notebook as it watches the family. The spirit is seen a lot in the kitchen area and dining room area of the home. They believe the spirit came from a family member that was visiting them from China. This entity is recorded in the HPI files as the Hoang Kitchen Spirit. Special Note: My brother Andrew “Andy” Somprise Soyo and my cousin Paul Leaird both served in the US Army in Vietnam.

Laos – While flying to Bangkok, Thailand, I flew over Vietnam and Laos. Zao Nguyen from Laos says that in the city of Savannakhet, there was a story that there was a Witch of Savannakhet, known as a Bagala. Legend has it that people who were her enemies or were cursed, had their tongues ripped out and people that she favored were blessed with eloquence. She was known to frequent the city in the 1940s and hasn’t been seen since.

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