August 31, 2018 11:20 am

Parallel universe has been in discussions of conspiracy theorists for a long time. Some people believe in Parallel universe while others say that it is “Scientifically Impossible”.

Parallel Universe theory explains that every living thing in this world including human beings, animals, plants as well as planets may have similar existences but with different fate in the alternative world.

You are reading this article using your mobile device or computer and there is a chance of your existence on another planet where you may be living in the stone age in the parallel universe.

If one person died in this world, there is a chance of an identical person still living and enjoying his life in the parallel universe.

Interestingly, all these parallel universes exists in the same space and same time. These parallel universe doesn’t interfere with one another.

Some people have already claimed to have traveled parallel universe by accident. A guy named James Richards was traveling home from Turlock with his dog. His female dog felt like peeing so he stopped his car and allowed his dog to pee. He was enjoying the beautiful scene when he heard his dog barking and chasing a rabbit. So he followed his dog and he slipped into a rabbit hole where he fell unconscious.

After he woke up, he was into another world, where he saw an old machine next to him. He was saved by a guy name Jonas. James was shocked when Jonas told him that he is now in Parallel universe.

Out of curiosity, they talked everything about both universes. While they were talking James asked about the pop culture in the parallel earth and shockingly, The popular band “The Beatles” was still active and making music in the parallel world.

When James asked to take the cassette with him back to the earth, Jonas refused to take anything from the parallel earth. However, James managed to steal a cassette of The Beatles names “Everyday Chemistry” as a proof to show the world.

The most Shocking part is, The Beatles never released this album and the album had songs that never existed in our world. James had uploaded the songs to his website where we can still download and listen to those songs.

James is still an anonymous due to security reasons. There’s no way anyone can track him.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella