September 22, 2018 3:56 pm

The Devil Soon Come is a cinematic and unique cautionary tale about evil and how it can easily travel to one’s doorstep. When the film opens we are introduced to our lead character, Emme. Emme has recently fled her hometown with the full intent on protecting her youngest child, Anne from a foreboding fate. Due to a lack of resources and finances, Emme is forced to seek shelter at the home of her distant Mother in Law, Mary.

While her attempts to scrounge up food and money prove somewhat futile, Emme grows increasingly anxious. Convinced that the Devil will catch up to her and her daughter, Emme’s paranoia aggressively amplifies with her behavior becoming dangerously erratic.

Emme’s distress adds continuous tension to an already strained relationship with her Mother-in-Law, Mary. As Mary witnesses Emme’s mental state deteriorate she comes to the conclusion that the only individual that her granddaughter should be fearful of is Emme.

Emme warns Mary that all is not what it seems, however, this warning only adds to Mary’s concerns in regards to Emme’s mental health. As tensions in the home come to a raging climax so comes the ring of a doorbell and a menacing unknown visitor.

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