October 2, 2018 11:54 am

The paranormal thriller is a true account of Kapil and provides an interesting fascination for those who are interested in the supernatural. The book is nothing less than a fantasy.

Reminiscences Of A Seeker, which is a mystical thriller which is based on the author’s true account, gives a glimpse on how the occult world operates The true spiritual story explains the existence of the dark side of the spiritual white world paranormal world which is as much real and any ordinary person can get caught in the illusion of the world unless one is careful.

The existence of the paranormal and the supernatural world is as much real and any ordinary person can get caught in that world unless one is careful. We belong to such a period of time wherein innocent seekers are lured into the trap of so-called “Masters” who fool them easily by playing onto their deepest fears and weakness.

Reminiscences Of A Seeker book hopes to save people from making that false step and even if one does commit that mistake, the book offers hope that it is not the end of the world;one can always get to the Light,

A thrilling true account of an ordinary man plunged into extraordinary circumstances of the Dark World.

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