October 6, 2018 1:28 pm

In a small town, seven lifelong friends hit it off with a guy who arranges for them to party at the abandoned convent where he is night watchman. When Dianne awakens from the euphoric haze of the rave, things aren’t quite right. That’s when everything spins out of control. Do you have what it takes to withstand the mind-bending horror of Dianne’s nightmare?

Sunday, October 14, 2018 – 4:00pm

Run Time:
23m 39s


Directed by:
Grégory Papinutto

Produced by:
Laurent Papinutto

Written by:
Grégory Papinutto & Anne-Laure Casanova

Main Cast:
Tania Kalume – Félix Cordier – Maxime Jarellat – Alice Papinutto

About the Director Grégory Papinutto

After over ten years directing corporate advertising films, the time had come to embark on some personal projects. First, I directed two documentaries profiling artists whose ultimate craft is to shape and color our emotions and dreams. It was the success of both films on the festival circuit that gave me the confidence to direct Distortion. This project, though ambitious, is simply the fulfillment of a lifelong passion for genre film. To create the atmosphere of Distortion, I watched hundreds of films and took note of all the particular thrills and jolts that imbue genre film with its unique power to captivate viewers. Against the digital trend, the decision to use SFX make-up is a tribute to the tradition of horror cinema; just like photography for the “Giallo”

Here are some strange facts that took place on set:

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