October 16, 2018 12:38 pm

Between horror conventions, parties, haunted attractions and trick or treaters, you’re going to see a lot of Halloween as it fast approaches.

Below is a Halloween Bingo card to spice up your spooky October! All you have to do is print off the Halloween bingo card and cross off any of the items you happen to come across. You can print the cards off for you and your friends and see who has experienced the most basic Halloween traditions this year.

If you’re heading to another basic Halloween party, how many political, annoying couple or insensitive costumes do you think you’ll see? Will Michael Jacksons hit song ‘Thriller’ make it onto the Halloween playlist? Will a Ouija board make it into the mix? With this downloadable Halloween bingo card, you and your friends can have even more fun!

You can also go online to bingo.paddypower.com/getting-started to play more bingo.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella