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The human nature has always been intrigued yet terrified by the unexplained existences such as that of ghosts and spirits. The unique mixture of horror and curiosity has been termed as haunt, and the places where such occurrences have been reported are termed as haunted. Horror enthusiasts all over the world search for such places so here is a compilation of the world’s five most haunted cities and You can even check out for deals and offers online  to get maximum discount on tickets.

Prague of the Czech Republic has been reported to be one of the most haunted cities throughout the world. With a gloomy history of over thousand years, Prague encompasses multiple haunted sites where screams have been heard and ghosts have been spotted. The Headless Templar, the Murdered Nun, and the Drowned Maid found roaming around, are enough to scare the hearts of many.

Located beside the picturesque and beautiful Changi beach in Singapore, lies the second most haunted destination of the list. The deserted old Changi hospital was reported to hold (and probably torture) more than Fifty thousand Allied prisoners during the Second World War. Their screams have been heard ever since by the locals.

Our third city, will appeal more to the lovers of the Dracula. The Transylvanian city, Sighisoara of Romania marks as the third most haunted city on the list. The city is marked as the birth place of Vlad the Impaler, the famous, vicious Prince of Wallachia. His childhood home can be toured which has an in built torture museum. The Holy Trinity Church’s creaky staircase also serves as a haunted places after dark.

Edinburgh, U.K., constituting of ghost ridden dungeons and long, gruesome history, takes up the fourth place in the list of the most haunted places. In West Bow, the house of Thomas Weir, who confessed many horrific acts such as rape, incest and witchcraft, serves as an excellent haunted place. Thomas Weir, himself, has been reported to be walking around the house by the staff. The Edinburgh Castle, with its lower dungeons also serves as a home to many ghosts of the prisoners of war who been seen by the locals as well as tourists. Along with spirits, sudden drops in temperature, eerie voices and footsteps have also been included in the list of paranormal activities happening in the castle.

Apart for being extremely famous for masks, gondolas and its canal linkages, Venice is also known for Poveglia Island, which has been termed by many as “Like Hell, But in Italy”. Poveglia Island, now a deserted and forsaken island, was formerly the home to an exiled colony of plague victims. It has a history of hundreds of years of cruel death on its soil. The scent of haunt is so strong that even native Italians stay away from the cursed land. Moreover, the Italian Tourism board has prohibited the tourists from visiting the land, thus there are no boats with the Island listed in their stops. To top things up, a special permit has to be obtained before one can set foot on the Island.

Visit these cities to experience the thrill and enjoy the curiosity.

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