November 25, 2018 5:20 pm

Everything has a dark side… 

Did you know that anime had a horror genre? If you didn’t, welcome to your worst nightmare. If you did and have watched one before, we hope you’re alive and well. Anime series’ and movies are great and very interesting to watch. However, the world of anime does have a dark side. These movies may be hard to watch. The world of horror has evolved over the years but anime is on a whole other level altogether. We’ve made you curious, haven’t we? Well, tune in to find out five of the scariest anime movies ever created. Dare to read further!

  1. Karura Mau

This is a movie that portrays the lives of two sisters. Seems simple? Well, its not. The two siblings, Shoko and Maiko, are high school students that live seemingly ordinary lives, studying and looking forward to graduation. However, they are not as ordinary as one may think. Shoko and Maiko are powerful exorcists who spend their free time banishing spirits from their dimension. They belong to the Karura temple and are faced with several obstacles while defeating scary entities. Karura Mau is a freaky tale that puts a whole new spin to Anime and the horror genre in itself.

  1. Hell Girl

A psychological/horror suspense show like never before, Hell Girl is the tale of Enma Ai. She is an entity that drgas the tormentor that you have a grudge on to hell. How you ask? All this is done on a mysterious web page on the deep and dark side of the internet. Grudges can be dangerous. Even the smallest of things may offend and hurt people in ways you might have never imagined. Hell Girl is one of the top recommendations for Horror anime shows and has kept up to its name to the very end. Hell Girl has five seasons filled with half an hour episodes that bring chills to one’s spine.

  1. Kagewani

We’ve heard a lot about mysterious and unidentified animals in the past. Tales of creatures like the Yeti have been carried on for centuries, yet no one has been able to prove its existence. However, there are certain people who are determined to do so and dedicate their entire lives in this work. Kagewani tells the story of Sousuke Banba who is a college professor. After hearing the news of an attack by a mysterious animal who had killed someone, he decides to look into it himself. He soon realizes the truth behind these “Shadow Monsters” and finds out that they are far worse than he had imagined them to be.

  1. Ayakashi (Classic)

Japan has brought some classic horror movies to the world. Amongst them is Ayakashi, the tale of ancient spirits based in Japan. According to the film, ghosts and spirits were way more active in ancient Japan. They would kill humans for the sake of satisfaction they’d received. Also, it was common for a human in distress to kill themselves in order to take revenge on their enemies once they become spirits. Ayakashi does not revolve around a particular plot. However, it is more of a compilation of stories that take place within the same venue and duration. Trying to decipher the best part of this movie just doesn’t work. All the tales and spirit characters have their own unique profitability that contributes to the film and its success.

  1. Perfect Blue

Cybercrime and stalking are probably the eeriest of cases out there. Similar concepts of crime have been portrayed in Perfect Blue. Released in February of 1998, it revolves around the life of a former idol singer, Mima Kirigoe. After leaving a reputed idol group to pursue her dream of being an actress, all hell sets loose. Mima’s “fans” seem to get upset over her departure from the group and begin to send her threats. However, the threats seem to be just the beginning. One particular fan begins to stalk her. After hearing of some mysterious deaths on the set of the movie she’s shooting for, Mima is confused as to what reality she is living in and what she must do to survive.

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