December 11, 2018 1:37 pm

This always sounds too incredible to be true. Everything started with a man in the province of Nevşehir, Turkey, who was about to renovate his house. He started to clean his basement and knocked down a wall. But he could never expect what to find this on the other side. This will sound like a fairytale out of Narnia, but behind that wall it was hidden a huge, forgotten society.

This is the province of Nevşehir in Kapadokya, Turkey.

Derinkuyu, which is the underground city’s name, was used as a bunker to protect the first Christians who fled persecution from Ancient Rome.

Up to this day, it’s not certain how big Derinkuyu is. 1963 tunnels was discovered that led to new rooms and link Derinkuyu with other underground cities. What they do know is that it contains at least eight floors. According to some experts, it may exist over 27 floors.

They have found eleven floors that lay 85 metres below surface. Over 50 000 people could hide there.

Of course, there was doors of stone, digged out in the soft stone.

One of the passages with a “door” to the left.

Even if it was 5 000 years ago there was has individual quarters, shops, communal rooms, tombs, arsenals, livestock, and escape routes.

The school.

A room most likely used as a wine cellar.

The incredible craftsmen have also left behind lots of artefacts.

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