January 19, 2019 5:57 pm

The victim was a $2,000-per-day rentable humanoid robot.

According to Promobot, a number of robots were making their way to the booth around 7 p.m. when one of them stepped out of line and into the parking lot roadway.

It was struck by a Tesla Model S operating in autonomous mode. The crash tipped the robot onto its side.Its body, head, arm mechanisms, and movement platform destroyed, it cannot be put on display. The firm says the damage is likely irreparable.

Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot’s Development Director said:

Of course we are vexed. We brought this robot here from Philadelphia to participate at CES. Now it neither cannot participate in the event or be recovered.

We will conduct an internal investigation and find out why the robot went to the roadway.

According to the passenger who was in the car at that time, George Caldera, he was trying out the Full Self-Driving Capability mode and decided to test it in an area that seemed empty and quiet enough for the car not to pose any danger to anyone.

There was nobody there, no men, no cars. I switched this Tesla into a self-driving mode and it started to move. And wow! A robot on the track!

I thought the flivver would come round, but it bumped straightly into the it! I am so sorry, the robot looks cute. And my sincere apologies to the engineers.

The Nevada Police Department is still investigating the incident.

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