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Horror movies are, well, horrifying. Though we enjoy them for the sheer thrill they give us, horror movies keep us awake even at night, for the fear of the reel becoming real. In virtual reality, the experience is a step towards reality. Everything seems to be happening around you and what’s more, you seem to be involved in the story. When watching a horror movie on VR, you will certainly get the chills. Here are six of the scariest horror movies to watch on your smartphones in VR.

1. House Guest

This movie is based in a tiny basement apartment. You, the female character in the movie are practicing some great yoga moves. Your partner is in the shower. Suddenly, the drama begins, and you find yourself in a horrific situation. We’re not going to give you spoilers, but here is one game that will keep you up at night.

2. Camp Evans Base of Terror

This one is absolutely for thrill lovers and nothing short of that. Take a look at Real New World to choose a VR set which you can watch it on first. Then, enjoy a 360-degree view of horror, including blood and gore and scare of course. This film is as it describes itself – a base of terror. Not recommended for watching at night and certainly not if you get freaked out by your house cat.

3. Monster Hunter

Kids and babies have always cried their way into horror stories. There’s nothing cuter than a baby’s cry – until you realize you don’t have one. In this movie, the story has a twist. A baby is brought to a monster ridden municipal block. Then, the story takes some horrible twists which you will surely have trouble accepting. In VR, you would rather want to get ready to escape.

4. Sci-Fi Horror

Sci Fi Horror is basically a scary conversational experience and much worse than that. It will open up to a group chat. Everything will appear to be absolutely normal, until the worst happens. This movie is hardcore science fiction, but more than that, it is terrifying to view. Or even listen to. If you think you can take it, why not go ahead and give it a watch?

5. Lock Your Doors

That is probably one of the first things you will want to do after this movie has been viewed. Significantly, this movie might not be that terrifying like some of the others on this list, but nonetheless, it is sure to make your hair stand on end. Especially when the scene around you is happening in your own house and you’re a part of it. Keep your VR headset on for this one, because it is going to be a very prickly ride.

6. Black Mass

Black Mass promises to be one of the scariest movies ever made. It is an experience where you wake up to find yourself in a garage, and you have been drugged, while a lot of horrid things happen. Spoilers aren’t the best way to explain a movie, so we’ll just leave this here. Black Mass should be on the top of your watching list if you wish to be absolutely terrified.

Lastly, the fascination attached to the world of virtual reality is really significant. Whether it be movies or games or something more, this perfect technology makes everything appear as if it were happening for real. If you are in real, a fan of horror, go ahead and watch these great movies. They are sure to send chills down your spine!

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This post was written by Nadia Vella