March 17, 2019 3:26 pm

According to the newest theory, the Red Planet could be the home of an alien herd of animals. According to claims circulating online, NASA photos which were taken from above show there is a flourishing ecosystem on this planet.

A YouTube video shows images of which is visible a bunch of weird objects that look like an alien herd crossing on the Red Planet’s surface.

On the other angle, there is an area which is dubbed to be a feeding space for the alien animals. Conspiracy theorist Neal Evans claims this is the necessary proof there is life on Mars.

He said: “I believe this to be a habitable lush thriving ecosystem on Mars. I studied the section of the map for hours and compared it to birds-eye views of places on earth, and it seems to be next to the north pole.”

“The images are all low resolution, but you can see clear water lines, lakes, either vegetation or some type of life forms seeming to be dependant on the water source.”

According to, he uploaded the original footage on his YouTube channel Disclose Screen. The video received over a thousand views and many comments.

One comment read: “We have seen bases on Mars, and a space fleet and now they are growing stuff.”

Another added: “Well spotted. A real eye-opener. Hard to begin to imagine what is out there, and what discoveries will be made in lifetimes to come.”

Mr. Evans said: “I have been studying Mars and its story for years. We only know what they allow us to know.”

He said that he is not sure whether this is a new life form or an already thriving one. However, he believes that this is a completely new ecosystem, a prehistoric life that formed by natural path.
Mars has a lot of ancient history and many discoveries until now pointed out this planet is quite mind-boggling. But, NASA still claims this planet is not capable of producing life.

The US space agency explains Mars was removed from its atmosphere by solar storms from the sun in the distant past. Therefore, it is not capable of sustaining life.

There are traces of surface water left that may be able to sustain the simplest life forms. However, this is not yet proven to be accurate.

Here is the video:

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