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Music is one thing that can manage to bring out all the emotion in you. Be it you are happy, sad, lonely and in love. That is why is very vital to make sure that movies have the right soundtracks. That being said, today we will take a look at some of the best horror movie soundtracks that managed to send a chill up the viewer’s spine, just by listening to them.

Best Horror Movie Soundtracks

Going through your favourite online casino game horror slots at to look for a scary sing can be a bit hard. That is why we have complied the perfect set of eerie horror soundtracks for you.

Halloween, 1980

It may be decades old, but trust us the song composed by John Carpenter can still have you screaming and wondering why you are watching the movie in the first place. Carpenter is known to be one of the best when it comes composing horror tracks that will have you peeing in your pants. And Halloween is one of those tracks.

Psycho, 1960

Bernard Hermann, Russian-American composer of Psycho is another of the eerie horror soundtracks. The violins in the song echo out in The Murder. If you really want to take a shower, we suggest that you not watch the scene where Janet Leigh’s secretary goes to the shower and does not make it out alive. But then again, it’s a movie, what could happen to you?

It Follows, 2015

Allow us to know skips to a few decades ahead and head to 2015 with It Follows. You will need to pause online betting activities and definitely watch this movie. It Follows is known to be a modern horror masterpiece. And trust us, it is no easy job to get a song labelled as a horror masterpiece as well to how it is to scare people with just a single song. But It Follows by Disasterpeace certainly did the job. Just thinking about the track has you wondering what on earth is following you.

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