November 6, 2019 3:03 pm

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“BEASTS & PRIESTS ” by Cassandra Swan.

For those who proclaim, wail and chant of God,

and quote, unswerving, from his best-selling, iron rod

-the contents of which are tampered text –

adapted to suit the third and fourth sex.

Will beasts soon be scribing their own Exodus?


I, the Firebrand, challenge you as I gallivant to the gibbet;

I challenge GOD with these woebegone observations:

will a wild boar, scuffing and snorting its way to the lectern,

deliver a sermon, as a learned, holy, parson?

Then sniff toward bewildered choir boys,

cozening, bestirring and defiling their genitals as sex toys:

robbing innocents of their choice and one true voice.


No! The wild boar hides nothing of his ugliness or motives!

It is less dangerous than the sickly, smiling, paedophile pastors;

who cloister their obscene misdemeanours, as masters,

beneath their fanciful, billowing cassocks:

while the congregation plop grubby coins in the collection box.


Claptrap! Vile deeds! Official heads in the sand!

The Government, Monarchy and Church go hand-in-hand;

the Police-force cover up! The legal system and Judges join in:

tossing child sex abuse victims’ lives in society’s bin!


2004 – All rights reserved

The facts are: sexual abuse toward children – in the church by priests – remains the most terrible of unpunished crimes! Crimes that the perpetrators are given sick papal immunity from by the Pope. How can anyone ignore these crimes? How can any Pope protect these criminals in cassocks? These criminals and crimes are the vilest consequences of repressed, sexually frustrated Priests who are clearly given these children as sex toys! Why isn’t anything being done about this? Why?


“BEASTS & PRIESTS” is part of an extraordinary, powerful, magnificently illustrated collection of poetry. The work intelligently challenges the Government, the Monarchy, the System, the Church, the Bible and in BEASTS & PRIESTS it even challenges God! A must for those who like light and dark confessional poetry. Cerebral, radical, colourful, at times a frightening read.”


(Dave Monk from BBC Radio asked Cassandra Swan which one of her poems she would like to perform and she said “BEASTS & PRIESTS”. His answer was a flat “NO”! Cassandra is very proud to say that this was banned by the BBC in 2005!

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