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​Dark Element Films’​ ​SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT ​leads viewers into  the darkest depths of the paranormal where evil, non-material entities cross into our reality to  terrorize, violate, and wreak havoc on innocent lives. At times they prevail. The documentary film  features real stories from victims and experts on the phenomenon of​ ​Shadow People​ who many  believe to be an ancient demonic supernatural race known to the Islamic world as​ ​the Djinn​. Not for  the faint of heart, this film leaves viewers appalled, intimidated, and fearful for their own safety.

Documentary filmmaker ​Paul Taitt​ of Dark Element Films guides this 10-year journey of spine-chilling  research, candid interviews and intense reenactments far beyond any film of its kind. “My first-hand  experience with paranormal encounters sparked an insatiable curiosity for what may be plaguing  people night-after-night around the globe,” said Taitt. “I had to share these truly petrifying stories with  the world to warn others and get to the bottom of the deeply-rooted religious and cultural history that  may be inspiring these eerie events.”

Through hair-raising interviews and uncanny reenactments, SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT recounts the  heinous experiences victims have faced at the hands of sinister shadowy forms. Some are consumed  with fear, while others are physically paralyzed, in a state of limbo unable to speak or cry out for help.  Still others are violently assaulted. And the worst part is, it affects as many as one in five people  worldwide and typically occurs repeatedly to the same individuals.

As incidences of experiences of this kind increase, researchers in the field of the paranormal have  revealed the ominous phantom figures known as Shadow People are actually a faction of evil  supernatural beings often called the Djinn who are said to have inhabited the earth before mankind.  Theorists conclude that these inter-dimensional beings cross into modern-day reality in an attempt to  regain dominance over mankind through intimidation, force, and sheer terror.

However, the Djinn are not a new phenomenon at all. Exact or similar tales and depictions of nocturnal  visits from entities from the world of the unseen have been reported in many ancient cultures for  centuries. Although the haunting apparitions may be referred to by different names including Devil,  Shaitan, Satan, and Demon, they are too similar to ignore.

Cultural references to the Djinn appear in a number of historical texts, most notably the Quran. The  sacred Islamic book claims the Djinn were created by Allah (God) from a “scorching smokeless fire.” In multiple other references the Quran narrates the atrocities suffered at the hands of these  abominations.

Connections to the Djinn can also be found in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and  many other world religions and cultural traditions. Even prior to the founding of these major belief  systems, scholars have noted mythical and theological references to the Djinn as a fearsome  immortal cult responsible for death and disease. Artistic interpretations of the Djinn date back to the  15​th​ century featuring shadowy figures, death-like scenes, hellish habitats, and a havoc that could only  be attributed to the evilest of spirits.

Despite interactions with humanity throughout history, Western societies have systematically  attempted to erase knowledge of these encounters from the cultural repertoire, even though the  experiences continued to happen. SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT puts an end to this dismissive attitude  and shares the as yet untold stories that cannot be silenced.    Filmed and produced in Maine, SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT (TERROR FROM THE SHADOWS) is  dedicated to Dawn Howley, a Maine resident who was found dead on her birthday shortly after  completing her interview for the film. In the documentary she expresses concern for her personal  safety after being physically assaulted during a supernatural encounter. Did her worst nightmare  actually come true?

SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT (TERROR FROM THE SHADOWS) is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well  as to stream online at​ ​​.

About Dark Element Films

Dark Element Films lives in the world of inexplicable events, supernatural phenomenon, and thought  provoking experiences of a serious and disturbing nature. These and many other strange and  fascinating mysteries of life are the themes explored through chilling, yet eye-opening docutainment  films. Founded by filmmaker, researcher and paranormal enthusiast Paul Taitt, Dark Element Films is  located in Maine, which has been the location of choice for many of Stephen King’s novels.

In addition to SUPERNATURAL ASSAULT (TERROR FROM THE SHADOWS), Dark Element Films re-released its first documentary film YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE in the fall of 2018. It originally  debuted in 2007. The film concentrates on the frightening topic of sleep paralysis and was featured  on ​The Rachael Ray Show​ and in the 2013 supernatural thriller ​Shadow People​, in which Taitt  contributed and made an appearance.

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