December 17, 2019 1:41 pm
A public radio documentary team went to Alaska to do a story on an oil crew. Twenty-four hours later, everyone was dead. 
That is the premise of Red Ice, the new horror comedy episode from Next Day Theater’s Parabasis podcast anthology series. NDT just released parts one and two on Apple, Stitcher and other platforms, and audiences are calling it “tense”, brilliant” and “bad ass”.
Red Ice eschews the typical narrator-driven story of the medium, instead employing a found footage approach so that the listener is led to believe what they are hearing really happened. The episode is rife with homages to 80s classics like The Thing and Aliens, and it delves into topical issues like climate change and environmental justice. NDT also put together an incredible soundscape with the help of The Relic Room and The Cutting Room Studios in New York.

Check it out here

Red Ice

Written and Directed by Matt Spangler


Jennifer Yadav

Julian Kingston

Becca Barrett

Joe Loper

John Caliendo

Joey Townsend

Bryan Murray

Edited by Matt Spangler

Recorded at The Relic Room

Remixed by Joseph Colmenero

at The Cutting Room Studios

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