May 2, 2020 4:55 pm

Marilyn Manson has been busy in lockdown – from calling up Machine Gun Kelly and requesting that he cover a Rihanna song, to seemingly finishing has brand-new album.

According to collaborator Shooter Jennings on Instagram, not only is the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2017’s Heaven Upside Down “finished”, it’s also a “masterpiece”. In response to Shooter’s comments, Mazza took to the app to agree, replying in the comments, “Finished masterpiece album,” and, “Shit is gonna get real.”

This latest update from The God Of Fuck follows in a long line of teasers and snippets alluding to new music.

In February, he shared a cryptic image on Instagram which fans believed was hinting at a new record – especially given that it had the hashtags #2020 and #youhavenoideawhatiscoming.

Before that, Manson revealed last year that his new album was more than half completed, adding in July 2019 that he wouldn’t compare it to any of his other releases.

“I’m in a mode in life where I wanted to tell stories with this record, and it’s sort of like a wax museum of my thoughts, a study of the chamber of horrors in my head,” he said. “All the romance and hope you can have in the world, here in the End Times where it can be a different kind of apocalypse for each person listening to the record.

“I tried to paint it with words, and Shooter with sounds, so you can see and hear all of your longing, your passion and despair.

“That’s sort of a dramatic explanation of it! But it is full of drama. I wouldn’t compare it to any of my other records, but you hear a bit of everything. It’s like I’ve focused everything into one spot, finally.”


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