November 11, 2020 12:15 pm

  1. You are starting a brand-new streaming service focusing on the mysteries of life and death – why?

You can’t be a human being on earth and not ask yourself, why am I here? Where did I come from, and where will I go when I die? We both had these questions, a fear of death, struggled with our own existential questions about life, and decided to try and find some answers for ourselves. We have been filming and interviewing some of the top researchers of consciousness since 2008 and decided it was time to share the footage and education we have collected with the world.

  1. Why do you call it Path 11? 

We named our company Path 11 because of the 11:11 phenomenon we were experiencing during the making of The Path Documentary trilogy. As we began to learn more about numerology, we discovered it is a number for the Masters. But that was not the end of all the synchronicities. Michael is also a life path 11 in numerology, and I was born at 1:11pm, we lived 11 miles apart, and every time we were in the studio editing, we would see 11:11 or 1:11 on the edit machines. When we would travel to film the ETA to the interviewee’s house would be 11:11. When we would eat, we would be seated at table 11, or our bill would come to some combination of 11. The number was all around. We were on a path and decided to combine the two and call our company Path 11.

  1. What kinds of content will the subscriber find on Path 11 TV? 

Path 11 TV’s content is different from other streaming services. Subscribers will find original footage from spiritual, holistic, afterlife conferences and lectures for select audiences. Path 11 makes attending those events cheaper for viewers through our subscription. There are inspirational stories of other people on a spiritual path, asking big questions about life. The shows also investigate new and old alternative healing techniques that may help those on a spiritual path heal their bodies and minds. Ultimately, we will have an extensive spiritual library of fresh material for subscribers.

  1. Who is the most interesting person you have interviewed for the shows? 

By far, Travis Walton has unique UFO abduction stories, and we had the opportunity to film him live at a UFO conference in Pine Bush, NY. In our interview series Conversations on the Path, Bethany Gonyea describes working on Peaceful Cities Project. The project involves people gathering to meditate over high crime areas in NY. They see a statistical decline in crime. Suzane Giesemann is another interviewee who also stands out. She gave a fabulous presentation about the real possibility of life after death at the Afterlife Awareness Conference.

  1. You interview people who have had past life experiences and seen UFO’s. Have either of you had any experiences like that?

April Hannah- I am a trained hypnotherapist, and during that training, I explored past lives I had lived, and I recognized patterns and things reoccurring in this life. Those hypnotherapy experiences helped me heal some past life wounds I would not have known existed had I not regressed and stayed open to the concept of past lives.

Michael Habernig- I saw a few UFOs during my childhood. I saw the famous Westchester Boomerang (Lights in a V-Shape) UFO in July of 1985 and again in late August 1993. The local media reported the UFO sighting witnessed throughout the Hudson Valley area of New York. The UFO made no noise and would hover for long periods and then eventually speed off. The lights would not flash or flicker. They just remained bright white. When attending college in Poughkeepsie, New York, I saw a green-glowing obtuse triangle or pyramid-shaped UFO hovering over a farm in Duchess County. I pulled my car over to get a better look, and it gave off a low pulsating hum. After a few minutes, the UFO rotated vertically 90 degrees then sped off. I tried to follow it, but I could not keep up with it.

  1. You have covered UFO conferences and talked to experts. Many people are skeptical of the existence of alien life forms – where do you stand? 

We believe other life forms exist in the universe, but the question of aliens visiting our planet – well, that is still up for debate. Some think beings from other planets have visited; others argue alien sightings and experiences are time travelers from the future or the distant past. That is part of what we are looking to explore and document.

  1. What kinds of subjects will Path 11 TV be covering in the future? 

We will continue to publish new content. Path 11 TV will provide interviews, documentaries, lectures, and educational round table discussions.

  1. Do you think we’re any closer to solving some of the mysteries of life? 

Researchers are finding that consciousness may live outside the brain, and it’s a discovery that means anything is possible and that there is more to explore in the universe and here on earth.

Path 11 TV launches on November 11th. For a discounted subscription click here.

About the Founders:

Filmmaker Michael Habernig and mental health therapist and holistic health practitioner, April Hannah formed Path 11 Productions in 2008 to investigate the mysteries of life and death. Their documentary series The Path Trilogy was sold to the Gaia Network in 2011 and they continue to make fascinating television including the series Conversations on the Path, Ask Dr. Death, the Annual UFO Conference and The Afterlife Awareness Conferences. Additionally, they produce the successful podcast series, Path 11 Podcast and have interviewed over 250 thought leaders, scientists, authors and thinkers in the world of consciousness. They focus on investigating and documenting the secrets of the universe. For more information about Michael and April go to

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