January 5, 2022 1:52 pm

A GRIEVING mom believes the spirit of her two-year-old daughter was captured in video footage in the graveyard where she was buried.

Little Faviola Rodriguez was buried at the Mosanic Cemetery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, after she died in September 2018 while in the care of her mother’s boyfriend.

The images that appear to show a small child walking around the graveyard at night were captured by a camera placed on a nearby headstone that was reportedly being vandalized.

That family was reviewing the footage looking for evidence that the person they believe killed their son was vandalizing his grave, WOAI reported.

When they saw images of a little girl in the cemetery at night, they were concerned and contacted the owners, thinking a child must be lost.

A worker reportedly told the family, “We know that little girl,” and showed them where she was buried.

The little girl’s mother, Saundra Gonzales, had reportedly alerted the graveyard owners to be on the lookout before the images were captured, as she noticed toys and other items left in front of her daughter’s grave had begun to go missing.

A day after the family went to cemetery owners with the images, they happened to run into Gonzales while she was visiting her daughter’s grave.

They showed her what their camera captured and Gonzales told WOAI she is positive it was the spirit of her lost child.

“I know that is my daughter,” she said.

“She told us that she had something really beautiful to show us that they had captured on their video camera,” Gonzales said. “So then she pulled out her phone and she showed it to me, and as soon as she showed me the picture I started crying.”

A final image captured by the family’s camera appears to show the child walking away into the night with a much taller figure. Gonzales believes the image shows her daughter leading the other family’s deceased son to heaven.

“I think she was there to take him to heaven,” she told the station.

“They both have such a tragic story of things that happened to them and … both of them still haven’t gotten justice. So, I think she was definitely there to comfort him and take him to heaven.”

Little Faviola was found dead under suspicious circumstances two years ago while in the care of her mom’s boyfriend, Lalo Anthony Castrillo.

Medical staff said that the little girl had bruising on her head, face and ribs, and Castillo was arrested on child abuse charges, according to KFOX 14.

However, he was released on bond a year later, according to the Las Cruces Sun News.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella