February 2, 2023 12:01 pm

There was an old, abandoned factory on the outskirts of town that was rumored to be haunted. The villagers avoided it at all costs, but one day, a group of teens decided to explore the factory and see if the rumors were true.

As they entered the factory, they found themselves in a large room filled with rows of doll parts. Arms, legs, heads, and torsos were scattered everywhere. The dolls were all different sizes and shapes, but they all had one thing in common: their eyes were missing.

As the group explored further, they found a door leading to a spiral staircase. They climbed to the top and found themselves in a room filled with dolls. The dolls were all complete and standing in rows, but they were all missing their eyes.

Suddenly, they heard a noise behind them and turned to see a figure standing in the doorway. It was an old man with white hair and a long, white beard. He had a kind smile on his face, but his eyes were missing.

The old man began to speak, “I am the Dollmaker, and these dolls are my creations. But I cannot give them life without eyes. That is where you come in.”

The teens realized that they were in grave danger and tried to run, but the Dollmaker was too fast. He caught them one by one and took their eyes to give to his dolls.

Now, it is said that if you hear the sound of dolls laughing in the night, you should run, because the Dollmaker is on the prowl for new eyes to give to his creations.

A warning for everyone to stay away from the abandoned factory where the Dollmaker resides.

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