March 27, 2023 3:48 pm

Written by Lorenzo Lepori, who also plays the role of the cruel antagonist in the film, and Alex Visani, the film sees the welcome return of Manuela Arcuri, in a dark and unusual role, and Francesco Rossini (Dracula 3D, Night Effect) as well as the presence by Arnold Damazzeti, one of the rising stars of Balkan cinema.

Tirana 1997. The chaos that arose after the fall of the communist regime gave rise to a bloody civil war. Matia, a poor boy, is violently bullied by his peers and, having escaped their aggression, takes refuge in an abandoned bunker. But in the ghostly place, Matia will discover that there is an unknown horror waiting for him…
Tirana 2022. Davide, Giulia, Nua and Adrian are planning their future: opening a trendy place using an old abandoned bunker. But one member of the group actually has an old debt to settle with a ring of dangerous local criminals. And so, inside the bunker, the group of boys will see their dreams turned into an endless nightmare. A horror, hitherto buried in the place, will come to light… with bloodthirsty blades.

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