April 25, 2023 11:30 am

Get ready for a spine-tingling experience as Jamie Bernadette, the queen of scream, takes on the role of Abby in the upcoming horror action sci-fi film, Axes and Os. Set in the secluded town of Valentines Lake, the film follows four fearless women on a Galentine’s weekend getaway. However, their fun is cut short when they become the prey of the legendary ax murderer, Luther Dremel, played by Brandon Krum. Just when all hope seems lost, one of the girls undergoes a transformation into a hybrid vampire, ready to take on the infamous Axeman.

Jamie Bernadette is no stranger to the horror genre, with over 100 credits to her name. She has become a horror icon through her exceptional performances and a large fan base, and she is set to bring her formidable talent to Axes and Os as Abby. The tough and outspoken Abby is also grappling with the loss of her sister Tessa, which she caused in anauto accident years ago.

Joining Bernadette in the film is rising star Cass Huckabay as Leah, the motherly leader of the group, and Madison M. Bowman as Olivia, Leah’s little cousin who has just gone through a break-up. When Olivia discards her medications during the trip, her transformation into a vicious creature is complete, and she is ready to battle the Axeman.

Axes and Os is part of the 2 Feature Project, a groundbreaking endeavor that produces two indie horror feature films simultaneously. The second movie in the project, Valentines Lake, follows a similar storyline to Axes and Os but with a twist. Rather than being hunted by the Axeman, the ladies are stalked and captured by members of the town’s cult and sacrificed to the ancient lake monster.

“The 2 Feature Project gives us a chance to do something that I’ve never seen done before. We’re basically making two movies from one production,” says producer Joe O’Connor.

Both films are written and directed by Trent Duncan, known for his YouTube channel featuring Epic Horror Battles, with over 255 thousand subscribers and over 70 million views. According to Duncan, “I’m making this project to push the boundaries of film creativity and production. The world is constantly consuming content, so we’re just feeding the monster in a more creative and productive way.” The 2 Feature Project team has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise additional funds for the second film, Valentines Lake, and welcomes support from anyone who wants to be part of filmmaking history. Axes and Os is set to begin production in late June 2023 in Orlando, Florida, with both films scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.

The 2 Feature Project: making 2 Films at Once | Indiegogo


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